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tom boy

Tomboy Biography:
In a time when the industry is lacking fresh female faces, the ladies of Tomboy look to bring females back to the forefront, in a hard hitting, real and “in your face” kind of way. Tomboy is Mekhai, Kam, and MJ, a group of Philadelphia based artists who are unapologetic about who they are, and what they stand for. These ladies make their own rules, constantly pushing the boundaries of what people expect from a tomboy. Sonically Tomboy picks up where groups like TLC and Total left off, fusing new school Hip/Hop and R&B with a few pop influences while remaining edgy, in your face, and honest. In some instances, the lyrical content may make you “uncomfortable”, but that’s the goal. Art is supposed to make you squirm a little, and according to the ladies, “We don’t mind saying what people are thinking, but are afraid to say”. Then, working with a group of writers, producers, and vocal arrangers that share their same vision and perspective, produces a no holds barred energy that is needed in order to create authentic work. “We’re very vulnerable and unforgiving with our emotions”. All three ladies have years of industry experience both as solo artists and as group members. Believing that these experiences are what gives the group perspective, Emcee/ Vocalist Mekhai says, “We’re not just jumping into the dark, wet behind the ears. We’ve all experience the ‘highs’ and the ‘lows’, and are no strangers to the hard work, strength and dedication that is required to persevere and achieve success in the field”. Talent and experience aside, the true beauty of Tomboy lies in their ability to connect with various types of women, from different walks of life, creating a narrative that is relatable to them all.

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