TIs to Converge on FSU Campus to Address Myron May Shooting

Press release

Queens, New York, March 04, 2015 — In a few weeks,Targeted Individuals from all over the country will converge on the campus of Florida State University to address the Myron May Shooting Spree. They will meet in front of the Free Speech Area next to the Strozier Library, Thursday April 16, 2015 from 12pm to 3pm.
Targeted Individuals or TIs as they are called, say there is more to the story that the public has not been made aware of and bemoan the fact that the media did not contact TI advocates to clarify assertions Myron May made about being victimized via Directed Energy Weapons and group stalking harassment.

In a short timeline, the targeted individual cause has risen exponentially since the Aaron Alexis, Myron May mass shootings made national headlines. The Myron May shooting makes it the third national event in which the assailants claim to be directly or indirectly targeted with directed energy weapons, mind control technologies and victims of human experimentation.

Those claims are being bolstered by the omission of former NSA government mind control research scientists who posit mind control technologies are being misused on members of the public without their knowledge. One such person, is CIA whistle blower, Robert Duncan, an MIT Harvard educated scientist whom Targeted Individuals United are fundraising to broadcast comments on the day of the peaceful protest.

For inquiries contact event coordinators: Jaami Ali, m​yrosaparksmoment@gmail.com​and Tyrone
Dew at t​y@sehawareness.com​D​onations: w​ww.fundly.com/targeted­individual­awareness­campaign​. For further information call (402) 915­0673.