Jarrell and Justin Ewing, known collectively as the G-Twinz, are a dynamic, debonair, duo poised to make their mark on the industry as hip-hop artists, tastemakers, and role models. Jarrell and Justin are identical twins; however, each possesses their own unique and distinctive style. Their voices and movement on the stage has a hypnotic quality that takes their audience on a journey.

Justin and Jarrell each bring different attributes to the table. The Ying and Yang of their individual gifts creates synchronicity when they work collaboratively. When Justin and Jarrell began rapping at age 12, Jarrell was not “the natural” that his brother Justin was. However, he has since more than bridged that gap and is now just as talented in his own right. Jarrell is the master-mind behind the G-Twinz promotion. He, also, takes the initiative to network, build relationships, and seek venues for the G-Twinz to perform.

Justin is creative, experimental, and charismatic. His is an artist in every since of the world, and he uses his life as a platform for creative release and expression. Justin was originally inspired to become a rap artist while watching shows such as 106 & Park and TRL. Justin says, “These show where my inspirations to become a part of the hip hop movement”. For Justin, the term “nothing is sacred” is a mantra he lives by in regards to his artistry. He is always willing to reinvent himself and experiment with new styles.

Creativity mediated by hard work and perseverance is a recipe for success in any venture, and the G-Twinz as a tandem definitely have all the ingredients necessary to make it hap- pen. Both Justin and Jarrell have always received individual notoriety and recognition, they understand that as a unit they create a synergy that is greater than the sum of their individual talents. When they performed together in their first talent show they knew that they had something special. It was at the Washington Junior High School talent show where the Twin Starz were born. Per Justin, “It was a perfect first performance and we mastered something we worked so hard for.”