Sincere DaVinci,​born Erik Jones, was raised in Harlem by his grandparents. He attributes a majority of his street hustle to his Grandfather. At the young age of six, he started writing poetry, which he found distracted him from the hurt and anguish of his broken home. By his Freshman year of High School at Darrow, a boarding school for troubled teens, he had enrolled in AA and was diagnosed with depression. He continued to explore his love of writing which helped him escape his everyday struggles. His teachers and counselors soon realized his potential for his poetry and word play. Sincere DaVinci soon gained the admiration not just of the school staff but also of his peers. By his 17th birthday, he had already established a strong following of his own for his lyrical writing and poetry.

Despite all his talent and opportunities presented to him, he couldn’t shake his inner demons. He was suspended multiple times and then finally dismissed from Darrow. He returned home to Harlem for a brief stay, graduating from Urban Peace Academy and then moved to Maryland to be closer to his mother. Even with a new environment in Maryland, he immediately attracted a similar crowd of hustlers that had surrounded him his entire life.

At the age of 20, Sincere was scouted by T​.E.T. ris​and V​ee One,​the founders of the musical coalition Camp 6 Entertainment.​They immediately recognized the drive, dedication and talent of the young MC. Once they began to mold him into a professional artist, his voice, delivery and lyricism couldn’t be denied as he gained a reputation as a “lyrical assassin with short fuse and sharp aim.”

A few years later, after a fine tuning of his skills, he returned back to New York City. As fate would have it, he and T​he Paxtons​met shortly after his homecoming. The Chicago based Hip Hop duo had recently relocated to NYC and the three embarked on their collaborative projects. In February of 2011, Sincere DaVinci released his debut solo project entitled, “Potent Product.” The song “Five Dollars” produced by T​he Urban Legendz​scored them a trip to perform at Hustlepolooza in Austin, Texas for S​XSW​in 2011.

After spending more than a year recording and performing throughout the Tri State area, Sincere released the second installment of his Potent Product Series titled, “The Addiction” in March of 2012, which was received with praise from fans as well as the media. Although he took a brief hiatus to focus on his family and himself, Sincere returned to the industry in December 2014 with his new project, titled, “Potent Product 3: Rehab.”

“There’s only so much running around you can do from yourself before you get tired. I seemed ok, but I was still battling the demons from my youth. I didn’t like who I had become. I was glorifying exactly what made me miserable.”

This new release is undoubtedly his best installment to date and thrust Sincere back to the forefront of Indie and underground Hip Hop. With what has been proclaimed “The Most Underrated Mixtape of 2014” he seems comfortable being deemed as Hip Hop’s stepchild.