Martez Bowens was born and raised in Newport News, VA. Bowens had a rough life from birth; he was born with a mother on drugs and an alcoholic father. His grandmother who has been one of the most influential people in life raised him. Martez was never ashamed of where he came from, but he always wanted more. Even as a child he had a sense of independence. When he was in middle school he sold hats and pocket calendars to make extra money. Martez is experienced in a wide range of things, including serving five years in the National Guard. He also has six years in job and life coaching. In 2011, Martez founded One Vision Enterprises. His goal was to create something that brought independent and small businesses to the forefront. Martez also launched his own radio station in 2013. His radio station is veered towards local and independent artist with a variety of indie and urban music. Another accomplishment that Martez has is that he self- published his first E-Book ” The Guide To Becoming His Woman” in 2014. He also plans to release his second book ” Why You Won’t Succeed, Until You Change Now.” in 2015. Martez Bowens is one of the most impressive up and coming leaders in his profession.

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