Musician T.Lee isn’t cocky. He’s just exploding with confidence. After the recent release of his latest project, the Texas-born rapper has no question it’s going to take him from an underground artist to mainstream, Top 40 commercial rapper

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS—Hip hop fans are going to be in for a real treat when they hear rapper T. Lee’s “Before The Overpower.” It’s packed with amazing beats created in a way that rivals the musical quality of other famous rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West.

“The album is about the barriers that try to stop independent artists from trying to get into the industry,” explained T.Lee. “All of the negativity, the naysayers won’t hold me back. I’m not going to stop until I reach all of my goals.”

Speaking of Kanye and Jay-Z, they actually happen to be the two artists who’ve inspired him the most. After seeing them both perform live in concert in 2011, he’s vowed to one day achieve their same greatness.
“Just the energy in that building and the whole scene, I was like—I’m going to do this no matter what,” explained T. Lee. “After the concert, I bought my own studio equipment, and I started pumping out songs religiously and studying the hip hop scene and the laws of attraction and what makes a person like certain songs, etc.”
For T. Lee, he describes his style as a “melting pot” of all sorts of genres. His musical influences extend well beyond the hip hop scene.

“I enjoy alternative music, too and R&B,” explained T.Lee. “There have been so many music genres that have influenced me over the years.”

Growing up in Greenville, Texas, T. Lee was raised by a single mother where he says money was always in short supply. For him, music became his escape from reality.

“Music motivated me to better my situation,” explained T. Lee.

After high school graduation, T. Lee received a full athletics scholarship to a college near Kansas City, Kansas where he double majored in criminal justice and sociology.

“All I really wanted to do with those degrees was work with kids and be a probation officer, but honestly, I didn’t have the passion. I didn’t wake up thinking about doing that like I did music,” stated T. Lee.

This was further confirmation for T. Lee that he was destined to rap and do nothing else.

“I really believe this new album is what is going to take me from being and underground artist to mainstream commercial artist,” explained T. Lee. “I’m not going to quit. I’m going to stay focused. In five years, I see myself being one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.”