Fearlessness, passion, and business savvy. Not everyone has what it takes to be in the rap game but through experience, Louis Stylez has proven he is the real thing. Tens of thousands of fans across the world can’t get enough of “Kid Kansas City” for his witty punch-lines and relatable, real-life stories that speak truth. Even while transforming into the hottest up-and-coming rapper, Louis Stylez stays true to his unique style. His middle school drama teacher presented him with the “Most Likely to be Successful” award. Little did she know just how accurate her prediction would become.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Louis Stylez was first inspired to rap while listening to Jay-Z playing on the car radio at age 14. He thought, “I can do that.” Now-inspired, he began filling a clipboard he received from his mother with line after line, night after night. Before long, Louis Stylez found himself a part of a rap group with three classmates. As the group matured, Louis Stylez’ group began winning every contest and talent show that they entered themselves into. However, it would be Louis Stylez’ unwavering dedication and passion that separated himself from the group.

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