Vivian E. Ortiz aka Enivian “The Element” is of Puerto Rican decent born in the projects of Worcester Mass. Since the age of six family and friends gravitated to her young mature melodic voice. In Her early years in elementary school Vivian often impressed her teachers with her ability to write stories and poetry, she was often encouraged to participate in poetry contests and school activities. It became natural for Vivian to channel and express her emotions threw song and poetry to escape her realities at home.

At the age of 17, Vivian explored auditions such as American Idol, Making the band, and Objectivo fama, she often sang in Boston and New York Train Stations seeking opportunity Feeling discouraged by the commercial industry Vivian aka Enivian dedicated herself to Audio engineering and Film Production getting her Bachelors in Audio and Visual Arts from the University Of CATTS. She then Developed a Production Company known as Rain Musik Productions.

Enivian has been traveling since producing and collaborating with artists internationally from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Africa, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela and the U.S She’s quickly making a name for herself as a producer, writer, lyricist and singer.

Enivian “The Element is considered the one most versatile voice in the underground world giving her listeners something to talk about with her chilling melodic street delivery in Spanish and English . Her ability to twist and manipulate words has given her the respect she deserves amongst the best in the Industry.