Trevor Lee is a touring recording artist with an extremely diverse audience. He is able to cross through genres as if he lives in each of them. With extremely high energy, he captivates audiences while intriguing their mind, pulling their hearts, and expanding their spiritual understanding. Although his recorded music, available in any digital store, is enough to take you to another plain, Trevor Lee’s performance show is a whole other experience. He has shared stages with Tedashi, Members of Family Force Five, and more. Bi-lining a festival or other events is just the tip of the ice burg. Trevor Lee has a full band called Extended Play and together they have an extensive interactive show that includes invigorating genre blending with audio visual accompaniment that takes the audience on a wonderful journey worth experiencing more than even a few times. While being apart of making and starring in local and syndicated television shows, he has been featured on TBN world wide countless times and has hosted his own local radio show in Houston, TX. This brief description is only the past, his future looks even more promising, prominent, and filled with excellence. One thing we know, is that it is never too late to become apart of a better future.