Mr.Rap Guru
Releasing the Album “HALLA FAME” Mr. Rap Guru is the HOTTEST new buzz for underground rap battling, and a vocabulary lyrical genius with fresh hittin beats!

Mr. Rap Guru from Canton, Ohio, the home of the pro-football “Hall of Fame” ; hints the album name. Started to rap in his young teen ages and rapidly began to realize and understand his musical talent, although at this age he had no idea what to with it, or even the correct resources on how to doing something with his music.

Growing up in the streets of Canton were never easy between the drugs and violence that crowds this small city to being the oldest of 6. The Rap Guru did what he was supposed to do…. Survive and try to make the future better for him and his family in the long run. Fortunately he “survived hood storm” says Mr. Rap Guru. He has lived and learned a lot in the last 30 years to make him the man and musician he is today!

Now it is time for Mr. Rap Guru to show the world what he has to offer, his deep lyrics to his spectacular vocabulary gives Mr. Rap Guru that New and Original sound everyone is searching for! Mr. Rap Guru is inspiring, different, he’s raps newest punchline!