Veronica is a dynamic speaker, a passion extractor, a Certified Life & Business Coach, a catalyst for change, an author, and most importantly a down to earth human being.   

Veronica’s knows exactly what it feels like to endure the pain of divorce, is acquainted with grief, successfully managed the shame of teenage pregnancy, and dreams deferred.  She understands what it’s like to be raised in a single parent home on a fixed income.  She operates in a tenacious manner in the face of disappointment and understands the benefits of resiliency during IM-possible times. Her very life is a testimony to an ability to push past pain, grow through grief, and manage her mindset in the midst of madness.  

As life happened she began to understand the profound impact she had on the lives of others.  She began to take notice of the lives that were being transformed through her no nonsense advice and precise wisdom to other women facing the unthinkable. She understood clearly that her life was not her own. Her life’s purpose was solidified in 2014 as she successfully navigated through the most difficult, events of her life.   Her high call is to ignite, improve and inspire women to live the life they’ve always imagined.  This tenacious spirit moved her to finish her first book in 2014 while working on the second during a season that would have taken most women out of the game.  She has an insatiable desire to inspire women and young adults to not just live, but thrive every day in life on purpose.

After trying desperately to suppress her EXTRA to merely be ordinary, she realized with a certainty that her life’s purpose wasn’t limited to being a registered nurse working to build others dreams. Finally after working for over 20 years in various positions in the health care industry ranging from a Dietary Hostess to the Director of Clinical Operations, Veronica courageously pushed passed her fears, silenced the negative voices in her own head and began to plan, pursue and live her true passion.  

Though life is full of challenges that can slow you down, Veronica believes wholeheartedly that every person living is special and holds on the inside of them a gift that the world needs.  Her expertise helps readers and leaders discover their purpose and pursue a vision that’s true to their authentic selves. She is uniquely gifted in helping others understand their purpose, unleash their passion, develop a plan and often yield a profit.  She helps other persevere until they reach their goals, even in the face of adversity, fears, and obstacles.