Art4Charity: Paraplegic Race Car Driver and Creativity Combine Forces to Feed Haitian Orphans
PRESS RELEASE: Houston TX, 1-NOVEMBER-2014 – Lex Lumiere, fashion photographer and Texas artist is pleased to announce the upcoming television premiere Art4Charity to be aired November 1st. The focus of the first show is Racing for a Cause, for 1 Heart 1 Mission, a charity which helps support the one million orphans of Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake. Specifically, the orphans fed at the Divine Grace School in Roboto, Haiti.

The project grew out of one of the largest collaborative art projects ever displayed on a Billboard in New York City, where Lex Lumiere displayed images of Michelle Colvard for the 1 Heart 1 Mission project. It was hosted by See Me Group, Inc of Manhattan. The presentation spotlights a project to support the school in Roboto where more than five hundred children, are fed and cared for. The feeding program is under the care of Pastor Juinato Genada and his wife Rose.

1 Heart, 1 Mission President, ( ) Shelley Guthrie says, “Haitians live very simply. The orphanage houses many children whose parents simply cannot afford to feed them. In addition to the $1600 cost of one meal of rice daily to the children, there are many other needs, including orphan care, education, meals, formula for infants and more specifically: transportation to medical appointments, electrical generator, clean drinking water, school supplies, formula and medical care for sick children.

While the Orphanage and School for the Deaf in Haiti is the focus of the fund-raising efforts, the project has many parts. Lex Lumiere, photographer and artist; Michelle Colvard, paraplegic race car driver and model; and charity photo shoot sponsors: Momentum MINI, Make-up artist Marc Harvey of Marc Harvey Beauty, Pin-Up MUA Rachel Gamble, Hairstylist Ashley Sparks of Hair Heros, Stylist Sunni of Souffle Fashion and BJ’s Autohaus.

The images of Michelle Colvard will go on sale on the 1 Heart 1 Mission website at the same time as the television airing. Mrs. Colvard was subject to appear in the MINI Cooper Magazine Issue #50 along with other female race car drivers of MINI Cooper cars. All the women were styled as 1930s pin up models. During the twelve hour photo shoot for the MINI Cooper project, Mr. Colvard assisted with posing his wife and these behind-the-scenes images were displayed on the Times Square billboards in July as Lex Lumiere’s photographic contribution to the See Me Takeover Project. The series was titled “Living Beautifully Loved Without Excuses”. She calls it a tribute to the power of the human spirit and overcoming the odds.

Michelle Colvard is a professional race car driver paraplegic from spina bifida, but whether she is working as a pin up model for charity or in her full time career as a Research Corporate Responsibility Officer in the Medical Field, she does not let anything stop her from speeding along through life. She is an avid auto-cross racer, and spends time each month racing her car through an obstacle course. She has been active in several humanitarian and charitable projects in the past.

The Art4Charity television program Racing for a Cause is to spotlight the “Projects Behind the Scenes” and 1 Heart 1 Missions work with the Orphanage and is airing on Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, Phonoscope, TV Max and Sudden Link. It begins November 1. The show is Called Art4Charity: Racing for A Cause and it is produced as part of a program series by Charity Network News.

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About The Charity Event.
The charity event was put together to help the orphans of Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake.
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