From the heart of Pastor Monterial Bynoe comes this short-read created and purposed to inspire you to successfully navigate your life by accessing your God given gift of determination.

Through Biblical accounts and personal testimony, Pastor Bynoe not only provides insight on how to assess your current level of determination and make theappropriate adjustments, but he also teaches you how to go further and use your determined mindset to seek, find, and carry out the divine design for your life.

Within these pages, Pastor Bynoe skillfully describes the importance of focus, decisiveness, and right association when embarking upon the path which has been specifically carved out for you. Understanding the vital role that your determination plays in God’s carefully orchestrated plan has the power to revolutionize your life, by causing you to scrutinize and consider the ways that you spend your time and who you spend
it with.

Filled with sincerity and a palpable love for the reader, this book achieves its goal of inspiring you to take your life to the next level by way of personal determination and mental tenacity. By including take-away points from each chapter, Pastor Bynoe has made the information contained herein highly accessible, and readily available for easy reference and maximum effectiveness. Read it today and change your life forever!