Shelly Vincent is has endured a lot throughout her life. Life has not been easy for her she has dealt with great loss. The loss of her mother and the loss of her innocence at a young age are to name a few traumatic events in her life. When she was younger she had a difficult time getting by in school. One could argue that she was adjusting to the traumatic events that happened to her. She chose boxing as her sport but it has acted as her therapy and centers her as a person. Shelly has achieved a tremendous amount of success and has had a full 360 makeover with her life. Shelly has a mission and that is to be the best in her weight class and sport. She has attained a title in the world women’s bantamweight division. Pete Manfredo is her coach and trainer and has helped guide her to her success, and Havoc Boxing – Kim Cronin her manager has helped her both financially and as a friend. Yet in some of the boxing world she is seen as an outcast. However there are many boxers and people associated with the sport that look up to her. Five time world Middleweight champion Vinny Paz says “my lil “Mini – Vinny” fireball Shelito, is a Bad Ass! That young girl can Fight! She fights with passion & Heart!! I Love watching her! She’s good for Boxing! ! !” fellow Misfit and Women’s welterweight contender Kali KO Reis added “Shelly is very dedicated to her sport and has the ability to out box, or out hit anyone who gets in the ring with her. She can adjust to who she is fighting against. Shelly also has a big heart and cares about a lot of people.” Shelly has a kind side to her and volunteers her time to various charities especially if they are related to cancer. Something that has plagued Shelly for a long time is a possible women’s super fight with Heather “The Heat” Hardy. I spoke to world acclaimed boxing photojournalist Pattee Mak “In regards to Shelly and Hardy: I believe Shelito is a hard working female and strives to be the best that she can be in the sport of boxing. I know that although she started late in her career as a pro she is very entertaining inside and outside of the ring. While inside the ring, she normally dominates the rounds. She just needs more KO’s. To know Shelly is to love Shelly. Her life had struggles. Hardy is 9-0 and Shelly is 10-0 and both are on the rise. I believe this would make a great competitive fight. Hardy I believe is scheduled to fight in June, maybe Shelly’s camp and Heather’s camp can get together and make it happen. Both have a following. It wouldn’t surprise me if Shelly would travel to Hardy’s neck of the woods to fight her there. Shelly has created so much hype this fight just has to happen. I’m sure if Shelly doesn’t get to fight her in June, that she’ll be there ringside making her appearance as she normally does and making her presence known.”

Q. Explain your training routine ?

A: “My training day consist of 45-60 mins a strength conditioning and such early in the am… Then about 1.5 training session with Pete mid day… Then I end it all up with a late run an sprints… 6 days a week.”

Q: When you enter the ring what happens ?

A: “It’s almost like I enter a realm… I take all my past demons an invoke all my pain an use it to endure the war fight night… My struggles ignite me…

Q: How did you survive the abuse that was dispensed on you as a child?

A: “I mean… I just dealt with it not much you can do as a child… I think maybe my delinquent behaviors were cries for help… But as I got older. Physical activity was used as a release for my stress. Which is what freed me an placed me where I’m at today.”

Q: You and Kali are called The Misfits, please explain what that is and means?

A: “It means we standout and people place judgment on us… We are cut from a different cloth… We are mischievous an do as we please with a free soul mind and spirit… We inspire disrupt and create change… We beat odds and let nothing hold us back or take us out… We are warriors… We don’t mind sticking out… For that’s what fuels us.

Q: What fuels your passion for boxing and why ?

A: “My mother first and foremost I have the blueprint out… All my struggles, trials and tribulations… I’m out here trying to beat life because you can’t cheat death…I’m fighting for everyone that’s been raped, that’s been abused, an those that got left behind… I’m fighting for all of us.. Things can change you just have to keep fighting… I’m proof of that”

Q: What type of charities have you been involved with?

A: “Anything for Cancer an Kids… I donate money to kids that need things… I’ve donated to Haymakers for Hope… Dana Farber Fund… Light the night for Luekemia… Etc… It makes me feel good and feel like I’m giving back… For troubled youth and my mother… I just want to be the person for them I wish I had growing up… I want people to know SOMEONE cares… Even if they feel it’s only me”

Q: Your mother was a significant person in your life. What does she mean to you?

A: “And she is everything to me in my everyday battle… I love that woman… She is the only one that cared and loved for me… I learned my strength from her and my desire to love… She never gave up… And so therefore neither will I… We went through a lot a tough things together,.. Even more than my sisters…. I used to lay on her chest an listen to her heartbeat that’s the only way I can fall asleep easily. She made me promise to never quit boxing on her deathbed… She said it is my only way out…. Guess she was right… Very wise woman… And omg was she beautiful… Tania Vincent is my angel.”

Q: Tell us about your fight coming up end of May…DETAILS?

A: “May 31st Mohegan Sun…. I’m training hard and focused… I’m ready for WAR…. Get your tickets there going to be some fireworks Can’t wait to see all you beautiful people out there….for ticket information contact Shelly

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