What happens when you get an Ex-Pimp, a Stripper, and a Video camera in one room?
Allow me to introduce Detroit Reality TV.

Detroit Reality TV is the brain child of an ex-Pimp/Rapper who, while in prison, decided to create opportunities for people like himself to MAKE MONEY, so that they would have more options than selling drugs, sex, or cashing illegal checks.

With a modest budget, The ex-Pimp/Rapper Ashei Khan created a reality show that it couldn’t help but draw attention… The show was titled “HOOD CHICKS.”

Before prison, Ashei was working on a show called “Who’s the Bo$$” where he created a Mayor of MICHIGAN campaign. He claimed that he was retiring from Pimpin’ and getting into Politics because the two were so closely related.

Looking out at the landscape, he’s on the move again setting up for his newest and most promising show to date. He’s creating a reality show like an underground ‘America’s Got Talent’.

He says, “I’m going to go back and grab all the talent they missed because it was tucked way back in the corner of the gutter. I think this is going to be huge because that’s where all the talent’s really at anyway.”

Ever ambitious, Ashei saw that people’s attention was going the way of the internet.
After a bit of research, he came upon a worldwide television network that worked through the internet. Still in the developing stages, Ashei was able to negotiate a deal and here we are a few months later he’s a few days from taking Detroit Reality TV from a few local shows to a legitimate television network with a worldwide reach.

Never far behind the rapper within him is always at play. Ashei Khan was formerly known as the infamous Pimp Freeze who released the cult classic video “Pimp Game: The Instructional Guide (Ex-Pimp Tells All).”
He’s now using his worldwide network that reaches into over 10 million homes, and his local network that reaches into a bit over 2 million to push his new rhetoric. In 2014 he proclaims that “We Vampin’” and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

For more information, to schedule an interview, or for sponsorship please call Ashei Khan at 248.662.5361 or email 313Dtv@gmail.com.