“True POPE” Divine OMPRESS King Chantaey
Minister in Divine African Identity, Restoration and Reconciliations
Leading with Authority, Divine Dominion Principle and Purpose
I am a Black Dominion Theologist, Black Supremacist and Afro-Centrist

Mission Statement: Oracles of God
I WILL impart a 7-point Agenda for the people of Africa and the Diaspora for a Global Take-Over. It is a social, educational, spiritual, multi-disciplinary mandate that will set to task and set in motion Dominion imperatives and master plans of action for The Black Race. We will move power through clear knowledge of our identity. We will be revealed as GOD, as Authority- Globally. Openly governing, until all Black people are living their truth as rich KINGS, PRIESTS and RULERS.

● Worked in of Sales, Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations for various corporations and diverse industries
● Appointed as an Obama Fall Fellow

Pastoral Training(including Counseling)- Vineyard Int’l Christian Ministries, Bronx, NY
TEFL Teacher- Bridge Linguatec- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
International Business Training- Certificate
Property Management Training- Certificate
Clinical Hypnotherapy- Certificate
Whole Life, Fire and Casualty Insurance Training- Certificate
Art Institute of Philadelphia Major: Fashion Merchandising
Air National Guard Meteorology

Special Skills:
● Knowledgeable and familiar with diverse pan-african cultures
● Advanced discernment, problem-solving and keen insight for racial/ gender issues
● Singer-songwriter
● Writer
● Actress

Memberships include: African Kingdoms Federation, NAACP, Nat’l Council of Negro Women, American Association of Planners, Rev. Sharpton’s Action Network