My namie is Daniel Rodriguez and I’m a Psychic medium, which means I can connect with your loved ones who are no longer with us.

Why do people go to mediums?
Many go to mediums to have the opportunity to communicate with their passed loved ones spirit.
Connecting with spirit
Is the most beautiful and emotional thing!
Many feel as if words were unsaid or carry guilt for multiple reasons, or have questions that were never answered and have been holding on to and after a reading they feel the healing procces begin and the guilt lift off of them.
I am often asked why do I do what I do and the answer is simple. Connecting with your passed loved ones can make a HUGE diffrence in your life and help you feel more at peace and have a little more understanding and can bring family closer, and to be a part of that is the reason why I LOVE what I do.

I am also a Empath which means I can connect with your aura and feel your emotions and many people also come to me just to have someone to talk to and help show them how to relieve stress and low vibrations from their aura. Feeling your emotions helps with understanding on what your going through and when someone knows how you feel, it makes it easier to talk with them and getting it off your chest.

Have a blessed day.