My name is Sandra Jackson. I am a software developer with
over 30 years experience. I joined the computer club when I was 15 & I have been
programming every since.

I designed a search engine named “Xandthe” at pronounced “zanth” but some people like to pronounce it “X” “and” “the”.
Xandthe is based out of Georgia. Xandthe is simple and easy to use & really works for internet search engine users who are tired of getting back lots of wrong results. Xandthe put the control in the user’s hands so they can limit their search results. Users can search for anything on We encourage listeners to visit the website & start searching today.

Mobile phone users can download the mobile version of xandthe search engine, “Mobile Search 2.0. They can visit the google store & type or click the “p a y with a tweet” button on the web site.

To advertise on Xandthe, please use JMARK AT
JMARK Advertising is Xandthe’s exclusive advertiser. (Advertisers can learn how to advertise with us at the upcoming JMARK conference Oct 23rd.

visit: to see vids