Steven “Knuckles” Nuckolls, born June 9th 1981 at Reynolds army hospital in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. He grew up in Lawton spending time between his parents’ home in the trailer park and his grandma’s house on the south side. He grabbed onto the street mentality and rap music at an early age. As a teen he became involved with drugs and drug dealing. At the age of 21 he was arrested and served 5 years in prison on 2 separate cases. While serving five years in prison Knuckles wrote songs about his life and his stay in prison. He also had seven poems published and was nominated by the International Society of Poetry for Poet of the Year. Since being released in 2008 he has turned his life from guns and drugs to seriously making rap music, taking his street name Knuckles to be his stage name. He writes and freestyles and enjoys all aspects of the genre. Some of his songs are written from life experiences and are from the heart, some are built off of wordplay and metaphors, while others are simply for the love of rap. He has been rapping since his early teens and has started taking steps into the industry through the persuasive talk of some of his family members. (always around the top 100 for the US rap charts)