My name is Tim Sutton and I am from Landover, MD. I have been in the Network Marketing beause I am a people person who loves to see everybody win. I also love the freeedon it allows me to have and the money is GREAT. I never planned to work until 62, retire, then start living life like most people plan to do. I am in a program called the National Wealth Center. Great program that offers discounts on shopping, traveling, and restaurants for its members. It’s also an affiliate program so you receive 100% commission for every team member you introduce the opportunity too and he or she joins you. The program has 3 different levels, $25…$50…$100 as well as a $9.95 admin fee so you can become a business owner for $35 a month by coming in at the $25 level. This program is residual commission so you receive the commission from each team member month after month after month just for them joining your team. I have a great video breaking down the program and it be seenby clicking the link below. After watching the video fill out the info and it will route you to my back office where you can join and get started.