Ethan is eight year old with who loves to play, laugh, and have fun. Ethan would often go into stores and ask them if he could get a job. Ethan didn’t wait to find out his talent, Ethan discovered his life’s work right now. He thought about what he was good at, and realized he was an amazing writer. At the young age of 7, Ethan became a published author.

Writing is Ethan’s release. Ethan was frequently the target of bullying and teasing. After seeking therapy (Because of the Bulling), Ethan realized that writing books gave him a sense of security and comfort. Ethan started to regain confidence in himself. In addition to his fun-loving personality, Ethan loves to help others. He plans on helping to feed the homeless and to also motivate other children to pursue their dreams in the near future. Ethan believes that no matter your age, you are never too young to do what you are good at. He intends to bring his books to shelters and read them to children, as well as encourage more children to become entrepreneurs like himself.

Ethan’s pure and innocent outlook on life provides readers with a fresh reading experience. His books are so adventurous that any reader just might forget some of them are fictional. In August 2014, Ethan’s first book, The Incredible Ethan Taylor was published. Ethan has three more books scheduled to be released by November of this year, It’s Hard to Find a Job, Don’t Bully, and My Incredible Grandma. Ethan’s first book, The Incredible Ethan Taylor, is available for download now on Amazon. You can also purchase it at

Ethan will not be stopping there; Ethan has over thirty books ready and waiting to be published, most of them just need illustrations (most of them will be outsourced to children like himself who want to become young entrepreneurs). Ethan plans on continuing his writing career in adulthood.