Brittany Tiera’s story is the timeless tale of taking a dream and making the impossible possible. It is a story of faith, purpose, doubt, hard work and vision. Brittany Tiera has sacrificed and poured her heart & soul into creating groundbreaking yet classic music, consistently showing growth as an artist, actress and most importantly, a woman.

Born in Newport News, Virginia, Brittany Tiera is the youngest of five girls. Her singing talent was discovered when she was just three years old. Following her dynamic performances in multiple local talent shows, her mother drove her nine-year-old daughter three hours to the Washington, D.C-based auditions for “Star Search,” the largest talent show on national television at the time. Brittany stunned the judges with her powerful voice, beating out 75,000 contestants to appear on the show. She failed to win, and later said it was not her time. In 2008, Brittany appeared on BET’S “106 & Park,” winning the Wild–Out Wednesday female R&B competition. She later returned to New York to perform at Blaze the Stage and the “106 & Park” Championship, where she took 2nd place after losing by less than 1% of the votes.

“The reality is sometimes you lose and losing ignites my passion to succeed.” Brittany Tiera went on to say, “and you’re never too good to lose. You’re never too big to lose. You just have to learn from the mistakes and make believers out of the non-believers.”

The stars are aligning for Newport News’s daughter, and she will not disappoint. A veteran of ten years at the ripe age of 21, she released her first mixtape “Love University” online June 28, 2014 it can be found on Datpiff, AudioMack, and Soundcloud.
“I always ignore the trend and focus on writing and singing what’s on my mind at the moment. If you follow trends your career ends when the trend does. That’s why I tend to ignore what’s popular at the moment,” she says.

With the winning combination of beauty and a powerful, unique voice anyone who knows the singer, songwriter and actress is aware that she is destined to leave her mark on the music industry.

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