Katie Aquino aka “Miss Metaverse” is a Futurista™ with a whole lotta moxie. Fans and colleagues describe Katie as a “joyful, disruptive intellect” and “the queen of innovation.” But above all, Katie is a female futurist, the world’s first Futurista™, a techno-optimist, video producer and host. Her background is in filmmaking, having produced and created original content for 11:11 Productions, AEG Productions, and Solaris Entertainment. Katie has collaborated on series for SPIKE, MTV, TruTV, Lifetime, Discovery, Nat GEO, and several others.

Katie launched Futurista Inc. in 2013 to promote her futurist speaking, foresight, and consulting business. Her magnetic personality, passion for spreading the futurist ideology, and extensive technology and media experience led her to present at conferences and events including the Tree Media Conference, Wearable Tech Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC, and many more.

Among Katie’s many projects that embrace futurism and empowering young women through the Futurista™ lifestyle, she’s most passionate about her AwesomeFuture.TV original web series and blog www.futuristmm.com. It’s on these platforms where Katie – in her signature charismatic style – breaks down for readers and viewers what’s going on in today’s world, tomorrow’s future, and what it means for them. Her insightful and in-depth approach to wearable technology, sci-fi movies, news, maker culture, online dating and related topics secure her as the leading futurist voice of the female millennial demographic.

AwesomeFuture.TV is currently a YouTube channel but will launch at http://AwesomeFuture.TV in September 2014.

Katie is presently a regular guest host on The Tech Ranch AM radio show broadcasting on Supertalk 1270. Fans can listen LIVE on Mondays at 11:30 CT/12:30 EST.

Katie is also an ongoing futurist content contributor for I Am Digital News, Ufront Media Insights, and Reality Sandwich.

See more at www.FuturistMM.com