Manny Pacquiao is following 50 Cent and Nelly’s lead — bashing Floyd Mayweather for his apparent lack of formal education.
Manny was doing an interview with when he started going off on the boxing champ.

“I think I finally understand him … what he says … how he acts … and I don’t like it.”

“But what l learned and heard from him, well, I realize why he is like that. I understand sometimes when the people are not educated they just talk to talk. He sets a very bad example.”

Mayweather’s erudition has been under attack lately — with 50 claiming the fighter can’t read and Nelly trashing him for allegedly failing to graduate high school.

Floyd has been mostly silent about the attacks — but his father went off on his behalf … calling 50 (and everyone else ripping his son’s education) as “player haters.”