Arielle Caputo: A Lover, a Dreamer, a Suicide Intervention Coach, and Published Author.
“I have always loved the idea of love, but you know what I love more? Seeing someone in Love, I mean truly in love with themselves…it just radiates from them like sunbeams from their inner soul. Its contagious, beautiful, and attractive. You can have this. I want to inspire you help you find your dreams; to find your passion and what makes your soul come alive. To wake eargerly with enthusiasm for you day and rest your head with the satisfaction of knowing you made those baby steps today. We all breath and our hearts tick every day, but our heatbeats don’t mean that we are truly living. I want you to feel the butterflies in your stomach with the excitement of your dreams, I want to hear you humming in the shower out of pure happiness and contentment, I want to catch a glance of you as your smile stretches from ear to ear for no apparent for reason. Why wish upon the stars when you can have this now? You are the love you are looking for. We all have dreams and we all were given the tools and whatever is necessary to make these dreams come true.” -Arielle Caputo

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