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BlackCaviarBoutique.com moves to #DopeSitesbySir

Cherae’ Ashlee called Sir after realizing she needed to update her site! Sir offered to rebuild her site from scratch! Check out their day together!

ABOUT  |  Black Caviar Boutique is a Philadelphia-based clothing boutique, owned by Cherae’ Ashlee, which caters to the elegant, strong and stylish. Through its products and customer service, Black Caviar’s goal is to exemplify the excellence that its customers expect and deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sir has been building websites for 5 years. He has built over 300 websites. He loves his clients and they love him. View testimonials 
Sir does not build websites that are not hosting with his company (Live Sircuit Servers). If your website is not hosting with Live Sircuit we can not help you with tech support. Examples: hacking, crashing, site errors, etc.

What is hosting? Think of our server as a parking lot. Your site is a car parked and taking up space. You must pay to keep your car parked month to month.

Note: You will be on a shared hosting plan. There is no cPanel access. If you need a cPanel please let us know. Your monthly bill will increase by $9.99 per month for a cPanel account.

When buying your domain, pick something easy too spell and not to long! A “.com” is more professional but depending on your business you can do anything… “.org” for non-profits or “.net”… If you have a TV show maybe “.tv”…. But again… Short and easy to spell. We recommend you buy your domain with Sir this way it will already be in Live Sircuit’s system so he can have instant access to it. Live Sircuit sell domains for $20 per year.
Sir will provide you with tutorials videos. However he will be happy to do your updates. Your monthly plan is $29.99 per month. Any updates or changes to your site can be done by submitting your request to support@liveSIRcuit.com.

Please note: One (15 minute) weekly update is included in your monthly plan. If your request takes longer than 15 minutes a representative will contact you with a quote.

Here is an estimate chart to help you understand how long on average updates can take.

  • 5mins – Adding and/or changing (1) picture, button, text & video
  • 10mins – Adding a product to an existing store
  • 15mins – Adding a social network feed (Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube etc)
  • 15-30mins – Adding a new pages
  • 1hr – Event calendar
  • 3hr – Adding a store
  • 3hr – Adding a scheduler
  • 3hr – Adding a membership program
  • 3hrs – Adding a rating & reviews system
  • Our fee can range from $30-$50 per hour depending on the add-on and how many team members we need to complete the request.
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